Ask Me Your Questions About Dreaming

As a dream practitioner/teacher and as one deeply passionate and committed to the realm of dreaming, I am often asked questions about dreams, about what they mean, about why we dream.

Dreaming is, indeed, a place that raises questions about everything that touches our lives. The personal, the public, the nature of being human, spirituality [personal and public], gender, sexuality, trauma, healing, becoming and remembering.

So, every two weeks, I am going to answer [or open a line of inquiry] around questions I am asked about dreaming. Some will be questions that are frequently asked and some will be other kinds of questions.

Importantly – they will be your questions.

If you have a question about dreaming, any question, click on the Ask Me menu item above or go here and send your question. If I answer your question here, I will let you know!

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