Welcome to An Etymology of Dreaming and thanks for visiting.

My name is Sue Scavo and I am a dream practitioner/teacher and writer. I have created this space as a place for deep dives into everything dreaming based. Meaning writings about dreams, about story and myths and fairytales, about the history of dreaming and dream teachers, about context, about why dreams matter, about creativity, about possibility.

About how dreams offer us a deep dive into discovery who we really are – and who we really are not.

It is a place for writing and podcasts. Community and asking questions. Maybe some poetry. Some of my own story as well. Hope you join us.

[If you are interested in who I am as a practitioner working one-on-one, leading retreats, teaching classes, you can visit my websites www.suescavo.com or www.studentsofthedream.com.]

Also, I have a book of poetry forthcoming from Anhinga Press in April, 2022. Go here for more information:
Buried [A Place]

My course is set for an uncharted sea.

Commedia: Paradiso, Canto II


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