The Power of Story and Your Dreams

I had a dream years ago where a teacher told me that dreams work with story and sometimes it is important to get underneath the stories. In the dream, we were under the stories – literally – for the stories roiled around in an electric storm above us.

Dreams work with us to illuminate our own stories and narratives and to help us “get underneath” them. To live outside the stories that would define us.

Dreams themselves, too, have a wild history. The storm cloud that holds all the stories about dreaming and dreams is enormous and spreads through space and time.

This is where this site and the newsletter comes in.

About Me

My name is Sue Scavo and I am a poet and author. I also have been working with and studying dreams for over 24 years. I have led retreats and workshops all over the world, have been in conversation with many different kinds of dreamworkers, have worked individually with many dreamers.

About An Etymology of Dreaming

On this site – and in my weekly newsletter for subscribers and occassional newsletter for free subscribers – I explore the [protean] nature of dreaming and the legacy of dream interpretation/theory that illuminate and cloud how we see dreams. In other words, the stories about dreaming themselves.

I also explore what dreaming can mean for you through many lenses. Through dreams, creativity, story, history, mythology, fairytales.

I explore dreaming through my own story.

I ask questions – hard, provocative, surpising questions. The same way dreams evoke hard, provocative, surprising and necessary questions. It is a work unfolding. Some of this will make its way into a book I am working on about dreaming – a mix of legacy [dream and personal], story, possibility, questions. You are invited to come along, be a supporter, be a dreamer with me.

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Provocative scholarship and exploration into dreaming, story, fairytale, myth, mythmaking, creativity and the long [often harsh] legacies of dream theory and “interpretation”. Never entirely linear, always curious.

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Like my writings, only I talk. And sometimes I talk with other people besides talking to myself [conversations and interviews].

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“My course is set for an uncharted sea.”
― Dante Alighieri, Commedia

Some Topics I am Exploring [Asking Questions of]

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