Welcome and a Little on Why An Etymology of Dreaming

My name is Sue Scavo and if you are here, you probably already know me, at least a little. Why this site? I already have a site about who I am as an Embodied Dreamwork Practitioner [go here] and a site with Bill [partner in all things] for classes and dream circles [go here]. So, why this and why now?

I have been working with and studying dreams for over 22 years. In those years, I have helped write/edit a series of books about dreams [which I don’t quite agree with anymore], have led dreamwork retreats and classes all over the world, have had many conversations with different kinds of dreamworkers. I have studied trauma and healing through the lens of dreaming. And I have been deeply honored and priviledged to walk with many dreamers on their unique journeys of trauma work, healing and discovery.

On this site, I take next steps of exploring the [protean] nature of dreaming – and the legacy of dream interpretation and dream theory that illuminate and cloud how we see dreams. I dive deep into dreams, dreaming, the legacy of dream intrepretation and theory [glorious, harsh, hidden, biased, sacred, ridiculus, inspired]. I dive deep into story, myth, fairytale, mythmaking. In this place, I ask questions and more questions – hard, provocative, surpising questions. The same way dreams evoke hard, provocative, surprising and necessary questions. It is a work unfolding. Some of this will make its way into a book I am working on about dreaming – a mix of legacy [dream and personal], story, possibility, questions. You are invited to come along, be a supporter, be a dreamer with me.


Provocative scholarship and exploration into dreaming, story, fairytale, myth, mythmaking, creativity and the long [often harsh] legacies of dream theory and “interpretation”. Never entirely linear, always curious.

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Like my writings, only I talk. And sometimes I talk with other people besides myself [conversations and interviews].

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Reason, you will always be half-blind. Marguerite Porete

Some Topics I am Exploring [Asking Questions of]

Dreams and Dream Legacies

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Inherent Racism/Misogyny in
Dream Theory

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