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Etymology for Subscribe: sub + scribere[under] + [to write]

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Sponsorship – spondejo + ship

[to pledge; literally to libate many times] + [the act of]

Thank you for considering following me along my explorations about everything dreaming. Sponsorship for writers and artists goes back as far as human written history – artists and writers, scientists and creators – and, I suspect, it goes much further back. [I imagine the artists of cave paintings receiving larger shares of food; carvers of petroglyphs, offered the best hides.]

But more importantly, what sponsorship creates is a kind of communion. The creator [that’s me] speaks to other thinkers, beloveds, creators, dreamers [that’s you] about what I know best and am committed to knowing more deeply. Your sponsorship creates space and time for that exploration, research and scholarship. In return, you are invited to receive all of my wanderings, insights and opening of questions that, perhaps, you did not even know you had. In turn, I hope you are inspired and provoked and turned as much as I am in the process of creating.

I invite you to join me. Ally oop, here we go.